Another member of our community in need is aided by a local lawyer…

In an another example of the excellent work done by the attorneys who volunteer their time to provide free representation when a client is referred by the Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County, we are grateful to receive this thank you note from Tina Gleason after the amazing legal representation she received from Valerie Hemhauser, Esq., of Red Bank, NJ.

We are of course thrilled to have Valerie as our new Executive Director, who now screens people in need like Ms. Gleason to determine if they are eligible financially to receive the assistance of Monmouth County Lawyers on a volunteer basis.

This note reflects of one of the situations the Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County is often requested to assist people with.  Our help is not limited to family law matters, and the Legal Aid Society will review your case to determine if you would potentially qualify for a referral through our organization.

Thank You 2-6-17


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