Legal Aid Annual Dinner Celebrating 71 Years of Helping Monmouth County Residents

OCEAN TOWNSHIP- The Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County celebrated 71 years of community service at their annual dinner on June 11, 2021. 

This yearly event celebrates the work the Legal Aid Society has done throughout the year and acknowledges their board of trustees and volunteer pro bono attorneys who work so hard to make their mission a continuing success.  This year’s special guest was Thomas A. Arnone, Monmouth County Commissioner Director and local Monmouth County resident who was honored in appreciation of his dedicated continuing support of the organization.

The mission of the Legal Aid Society is to act as a conduit between eligible low income residents of Monmouth County and Monmouth County attorneys willing to accept the assignment for free.The Society was established in 1950 by Monmouth County attorneys, together with community leaders, to provide pro bono services to qualified indigent and handicapped residents of Monmouth County.  The clients whom the Society refers to pro bono attorneys represent a wide range of civil legal needs including divorce, bankruptcy, tenancy and eviction issues. 

Over the past 71 years, thousands of Monmouth County residents have had quality legal representation that they otherwise could not have afforded, due to the Legal Aid Society and its’ many volunteer attorneys.  In 2020 the Society interfaced with better than 1,800 Monmouth County residents!

For more information please visit, or telephone 732-556-8268.


Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County Trustees and Officers (left to right) Wendy Crowther, Esq., Allison McGoughran, Barbara J. McMorrow, Mark T. Apostolou, Esq.,Toby Grabelle, Esq., J. Patrick McMorrow, Esq., Valerie Hemhauser, Esq., Ronald J. Troppoli, Esq., Thomas Ehrlich, Esq., I Mark Cohen, Esq., Tanis B. Deitch, Esq., Beth J. Ulrich, Laura Wishart Dugan, Esq.,Victoria E. Paone, Esq., Lynn Staufenberg, Esq., Gregory S. Baxter, Esq.

President Thomas Ehrlich, Executive Director Valerie Hemhauser, Esq., Adm. Assistant Robert Galano



Guest Speaker Monmouth County Commissioner Director, Thomas A. Arnone    

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