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Many people in our community face unexpected legal problems, and do not have sufficient means to hire an attorney to represent them.  We at the Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County, firmly believe that a person’s financial status should not preclude them from obtaining representation in various circumstances.

The representation by an attorney has been one of the cornerstone ideals of our nation since its inception.  This concept is so fundamental that in the context of criminal cases, it is even included in our nation’s Constitution as the Sixth Amendment included in the Bill of Rights.

That right does not extend to various problems that people face, so there are no government attorneys available such as Public Defenders to help with many situations.  We at the Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County feel that even though people in these situations may not qualify for help, they should not be forgotton.

The Legal Aid Society of Monmouth County carefully screens people to make sure they are eligible for our help, and if they are, we work to refer them to an experienced attorney who can help them through their problem.  This benefits not only the individual having the problem, but our community as a whole to efficiently resolve the situation.